I am a keen amateur photographer with great interest for landscapes, nature and travel related photography. In the last few years photography has become a way of life. Almost every spare minute is spent on this hobby. If it is not photography itself, it is reading about it or studying the different techniques.

Most of my photography trips to nature areas throughout the country are made during the weekends or on days off. The more I explore my own country, the more I start to appreciate the beauty that presents itself at my doorstep. My vacations are also more and more planned with photography in mind. I love to explore a different type of landscape from what I am used to.

Since light is the most important aspect of photography, each trip requires some form of planning. For most trips I study maps, the weather, sunrise and sunset times and compass settings. This information will give me some idea of what I can expect and where I need to position myself for the best possible shot. But, visualization of the composition can only be done on location. So sometimes I just skip the planning phase and just go out, explore and make photos.

Photos & Content © Niek Bouwen